4 Tips To Get The Best Hardwood Floors In The Block

If you are opting for a new house, you may be deliberating on what kind of flooring to splurge on. You may be telling yourself that hardwood flooring is beautiful, but so hard to clean! Unlike rugs or carpets, there is no way to hide the dirt or absorb the grease. The maintenance is just too high!

Well, not anymore. Here are the best ways to keep your hardwood flooring as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Develop a Routine

No matter what you tell yourself, yes, the hardwood floor does need work. But the aesthetic is well worth it. A few minutes each day is all you need to make your floor, and in consequence your home, shine. Sweep and dust daily. Use a mop or a microfiber pad to trap the dirt in the cloth instead of allowing it to get trapped in the seams and edges. If you keep the dirt from accumulating you significantly reduce the chance of scratches.

Use a PH neutral cleaner

Acidic agents easily dissolves mineral deposits but does not work on grease and grime. On the other hand, alkaline cleaners are terrible for the floor as it dulls the finish. A neutral cleaner is your safest bet. Wood wash is a cleaning agent that has been specially formulated for treating hardwood floors. It is cheap, safe to use and gets your floor clean in no time.

Use a damp mop

Another PH neutral agent is of course, water. You can combine it with a mop to dissolve the dirt and grime that has accumulated. Dip your mop into a bucket of water, rinse it out completely and use the barely wet mop to sweep your floor. This is guaranteed to get all the hard to get at bits of dirt out.

Wax to get rid of scratches

It is inevitable that your floor will get scratches on it. You just need to accept it and prepare accordingly. Waxing is very easy nowadays with plenty of water based waxes available in the market for convenient use. Simply apply it on your floor and let it dry. You’ll soon have the original shine you see in commercials.

So don’t worry about how to keep it nice. Splurge on that floor and make that beautiful dream come true.

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