7 Tips for Packing Your Electronic Items

Life is made more entertaining and colorful with all of the electronics most families own. Gaming systems, televisions, DVD players, stereos, computers, and more are items of daily use for many individuals. Most professional Edmonton movers will tell you that the sensitive nature of these electronics demands that the moving process include the best protective measures possible. Below are seven tips that will help you pack and move electronics safely.

1. Save Original Packaging

Nothing fits your electronic items better than the original packaging. If you suspect you might move in the future, find a safe place in your home to tuck these packages away. It is not always possible to look deep into the future and know about a move but save the original packaging as long as it is not in the way.

2. Purchase Sturdy Packing Materials

If you did not keep the original packages, measure each item carefully and find sturdy packing materials that will fit your items. Do not scrimp on this detail. The right packaging will prove helpful in protecting your sensitive electronics.

3. Color Code Cords and Tape Remotes In Boxes

Take your time and separate out your cords, wrap them neatly, use twist ties to bind them and color code each cord. Place a matching colored sticker where the cord goes on each electronic item. It will make unpacking and reconnect of the cords correctly an easy task.

4. Do Not Label Boxes If Heading to Storage

Large flat screen televisions, home computers, laptops, and other expensive electronics are easy for thieves to sell if you leave them vulnerable to theft. If you will place your personal items in storage for any length of time, avoid labeling the boxes of your more expensive property. It will at least make it more difficult for thieves to find.

5. Cover Electronics

Place a soft cloth over your electronics before packing them away in a box. It will help protect the items from dust that can collect and begin to corrode the sensitive internal parts.

6. Completely Tape Boxes

An added protection for your electronics from dust is to use a high-quality packing tape on each opening. Make sure every area that opens and closes is completely taped shut.

7. Place Cushion Over Electronics During Your Move

Save plenty of blankets and soft items to cushion your electronics for the move. The less the items are jarred around, the better condition they will be at the end of the journey.

Consult with professional movers for more tips on getting your sensitive electronic items moved safely.

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