7 Tips for Packing Your Electronic Items

Life is made more entertaining and colorful with all of the electronics most families own. Gaming systems, televisions, DVD players, stereos, computers, and more are items of daily use for many individuals. Most professional Edmonton movers will tell you that the sensitive nature of these electronics demands that the moving process include the best protective measures possible. Below are seven tips that will help you pack and move electronics safely.

1. Save Original Packaging

Nothing fits your electronic items better than the original packaging. If you suspect you might move in the future, find a safe place in your home to tuck these packages away. It is not always possible to look deep into the future and know about a move but save the original packaging as long as it is not in the way.

2. Purchase Sturdy Packing Materials

If you did not keep the original packages, measure each item carefully and find sturdy packing materials that will fit your items. Do not scrimp on this detail. The right packaging will prove helpful in protecting your sensitive electronics.

3. Color Code Cords and Tape Remotes In Boxes

Take your time and separate out your cords, wrap them neatly, use twist ties to bind them and color code each cord. Place a matching colored sticker where the cord goes on each electronic item. It will make unpacking and reconnect of the cords correctly an easy task.

4. Do Not Label Boxes If Heading to Storage

Large flat screen televisions, home computers, laptops, and other expensive electronics are easy for thieves to sell if you leave them vulnerable to theft. If you will place your personal items in storage for any length of time, avoid labeling the boxes of your more expensive property. It will at least make it more difficult for thieves to find.

5. Cover Electronics

Place a soft cloth over your electronics before packing them away in a box. It will help protect the items from dust that can collect and begin to corrode the sensitive internal parts.

6. Completely Tape Boxes

An added protection for your electronics from dust is to use a high-quality packing tape on each opening. Make sure every area that opens and closes is completely taped shut.

7. Place Cushion Over Electronics During Your Move

Save plenty of blankets and soft items to cushion your electronics for the move. The less the items are jarred around, the better condition they will be at the end of the journey.

Consult with professional movers for more tips on getting your sensitive electronic items moved safely.

Four Tips to Prepare for Your Movers

If you are preparing to relocate near or far soon, you may have already researched reputable movers in your area and made an appointment for service on your moving day. The right team of moving professionals can easily save you a considerable amount of time and energy while also reducing your stress level on moving day. However, your overall experience with a moving team is aligned with the preparatory steps you take before moving day. These are among the best tips to follow as you prepare for your movers.

1. Pack Thoroughly

Some moving companies offer professional packing services, but most people only hire movers to load and unload the truck. With this in mind, if you want your moving team to work as efficiently as possible, everything needs to be packed before they arrive. It is common for people to leave miscellaneous items out on counters or in cabinets, but this will slow down the process. The day before you move, ensure that everything is packed in boxes except for the essentials that you plan to pack into your overnight bag and your bedding. You likely need to plan on eating out the day before you move so that you can fully pack your kitchen.

2. Take Furniture Apart

Many types of furnishings must be disassembled in different ways before they can get out the door and onto the truck. For example, the legs of a dining table may need to be removed. If your moving team must stop and do this work for various types of furnishings throughout your house, you can see that this would add hours onto the experience. If you are paying by the hour or if you simply want moving day to be executed without delay, it is important to prepare your furnishing so that they can simply be hauled out the door.

3. Disconnect Appliances

Some appliances, such as the fridge, may need to remain plugged in until moving day. Many other appliances, such as a microwave, a washer and a dryer, can be disconnected a day or two beforehand. The more work that you do up-front, the faster your moving process will go.

4. Load Your Car

If you intend to drive your car to your new home while the moving team drives the truck, you have the ability to load your car with a few items. Many people will use this space to transport pets and kids to the new home, but you also should pack your essentials in your car. Remember that your new home will likely not be set up and ready to live comfortably in for another day or two. Your essentials should include your bedding, a couple of towels, personal hygiene items and a few sets of clothing. This will let you feel more comfortable while you get your new home put together.

Proper preparation for your Edmonton movers‘ arrival is essential if you want to get the most out of the service that they provide. As moving day approaches, keep these tips in mind.

Four Extra Services Your Movers Can Provide

Preparing for moving day can take weeks of effort, and the culmination of your efforts is when you load the truck and drive to your new home. By the time moving day arrives, you can easily already be exhausted and stressed. However, the relocation project is only halfway over on moving day. After all, you still need to unpack and get settled after you unload the truck. Hiring movers is an excellent way to reduce your stress and exhaustion related to you move. Many movers offer additional services that you can request for further benefit before, during and after moving day.

1. Packing and Unpacking

Upon request, some moving companies will pack and unpack your entire home. You may also request them to pack up a specific room, such as the kitchen. Any help that you can get to prepare for moving day and to get settled into your new home can streamline the process. Remember that moving professionals may work more efficiently than you would because of their experience with this task.

2. Appliance Disconnection

Many of your appliances may come with you to your new home, such as your fridge, washer and dryer. Disconnecting and reconnecting these appliances sounds straightforward. However, it can be a hassle in many cases, and it takes extra time, tools and knowledge that you may not have available.

3. Furniture Disassembly and Assembly

Some of your furniture may need to be disassembled in order to get it out the door and onto the truck. Many people do not take this step to prepare for a relocation because they overlook it as a preparatory step. However, the Edmonton movers will not reassemble your furniture in your new home unless you ask for it, and they will charge you for disassembling it before loading the truck.

4. Storage

Storage units are commonly used during the relocation process. After all, everyone needs extra space from time to time, and this need can increase while relocating. For example, your new home may not have space for all of your Christmas decor, so you will need to store these items off-site. Smaller moving companies may transport your items to a storage unit that you rent. Larger moving companies may have their own storage facility that they can place your items in.

While hiring movers to assist with packing and unpacking the truck is one of the most common steps people take when they seek help with a relocation, a moving company can provide you with assistance with many stages of your relocation experience. Because not all moving companies offer all of these extra services, search for a moving company that offers these services if you believe that they would benefit you during your relocation.

Four Steps to Prepare for Your Moving Company’s Arrival

When your movers arrive, all of your belongings will be efficiently loaded onto the truck. This is one of the most significant steps in the relocation process, but it can be dragged out and inefficient if you are not properly prepared. There are a few easy steps that you can take to prepare your home and family for the movers’ arrival.

1. Put Your Essentials in Your Own Car

Your movers may put your furnishings into appropriate rooms, but furniture may not be set up for you. In addition, boxes will be piled up, and you will have an extensive amount of work to complete before your new house is set up. This process may not be completed in one or even several days. Therefore, place all of the essentials that you need to function in a box or bag that is placed in your car. This way, you will know exactly where your essentials are when you arrive at your new home.

2. Make Plans for Pets and Kids

Older kids may be able to help you with some aspects of packing and moving, but younger children and pets can be in the way on moving day. Your moving team needs full access to all areas of your home to complete their job efficiently. Therefore, it is best if you can make appropriate plans for your kids and pets. One idea is to ask a nearby family to keep them overnight so that you can get at least partially settled in before they arrive in their new home.

3. Pack Everything Into Boxes or Bins

Your moving team could spend them time loading various items individually into the truck. Some items may be moderately sized, and you may not think that it is worth taking up space in box for them. However, placing as many items as possible into boxes and bins can decrease the number of trips that your moving team have to make when loading and unloading the truck. In addition, you may decrease the chance of damage to your items when they are properly stored.

4. Disconnect Electronics and Appliances

Because you want your moving team to work as efficiently as possible, it makes sense to disconnect your appliances and electronics before they arrive. You may even place some smaller items, such as your cable box or gaming consoles, into boxes for easier transport to the new home. Cords can also be wrapped up neatly and even tagged so that you know which items they belong to when you get to your new home.

Your efforts to prepare for the arrival of your moving team can make the entire project flow more smoothly. Some steps can even minimize the risk of damage and help you to get settled into your new home more quickly. Consider preparing for the Edmonton movers’ arrival well ahead of time so that you are not rushing around at the last minute.

Top 4 tips for Hiring a Professional Moving Company

Moving can be an exciting, but stressful time. Make it easier for yourself by hiring professional Edmonton movers to ease the stress and frustration of packing and moving all your belongings. Hiring the wrong company can create a moving horror story. Follow these four tips to ensure your moving experience is that much less stressful.

1. Multiple estimates

Get estimates from at least two different companies. Compare the quotes and services that they offer to each other to hire the company that is the one you’re looking for. Look into their reviews online to see if any other customers have left reviews for their services. Customer feedback is the best way to gauge if you’re hiring a company that is worth your money.

2. Get all charges on paper

Don’t get surprised at the end of the process by surprise fees and expenses that drive up your overall costs. Read the contract thoroughly and ask questions if there is anything that is confusing or not what you thought it was going to be. Once you sign the contract you’re agreeing to abide by it. Don’t sign anything that you haven’t completely read from start to finish.

3. Delivery date

Adhere to your delivery date because companies charge for the time needed to store belongings. This charge accumulates quickly for every day your stuff is in their possession. It’s best if you can get the items delivered to your home the same day that they arrive to eliminate this fee completely. Larger items, such as larger furniture or a piano, may include an additional charge due to the bulk. You might have to rent a storage unit if you can’t get your belongings into your new home in a timely manner.

4. Inventory

Examine your belongings once they arrive at your destination. Check that everything is there and ensure that the items you do have aren’t broken or damaged. It might not be possible to examine every single box, but go through a quick look over and verify that the items on your main inventory list are present. You’ll want to inform the movers that something is broken or missing as soon as possible when the move is fresh on their minds.

Make your moving experience as easy as possible. Utilize professional movers so you can give your full attention to other things such as changing your address, switching schools, or deciding how to position the furniture in your new home. The key to a positive experience is to hire the right moving company so you don’t end up sharing your moving horror story at your next family gathering.

8 Tips For Hiring the Best Moving Services

Buying a home in another region or job transfer can drive you to move from your home to another area with your family members. Moving can be a stressful process, especially if you are not well prepared. The best thing is to hire certified movers and enjoy a professional experience. Below are 8 crucial tips for hiring the best moving services in your region.

1. Get Recommendations

You should get recommendations from your workmates, friends, and family members to direct you to a reliable moving agency in your region. They will tell you their moving experiences with the best moving company in your locality that you should consider.

2. Check the License

When choosing movers in your region, you should consider the aspect of licensing. It is advisable to choose a moving agency that has a valid working permit. A licensed firm will offer you excellent services to your intended destination.

3. Perform Research

Performing research before choosing a moving company is a vital aspect to consider. You can use online sources to search for the most reputable agencies in your locality. To avoid scammers, you should visit official online platforms of different movers and choose a company that offers excellent services at reasonable rates.

4. Check the Experience of the Company

The duration that the moving company has been in the industry is also a crucial tip to observe. An experienced firm understands the needs of its clients. Therefore, you should choose such type of a company that will offer you services according to your expectations. Additionally, experienced Edmonton movers charge reasonable amounts of money.

5. Reputation

Every homeowner wants to work with a reputable moving company. Therefore, you should check the track record of each agency before choosing the best. You can talk with a few clients who have received services from the company recently and know their moving experiences.

6. Check Online Reviews

Many clients leave comments on different online platforms after receiving moving services. You should visit these sites and check customers’ reviews. A reputable company should have many positive reviews. You should do away with moving agencies that have awful online reputations.

7. Consult Your Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent is a crucial resource who can guide you to choose excellent moving services for your property. Therefore, before contacting any mover, you should consult your real estate agent for referrals.

8. Insurance

The security of your belongings is a vital thing to consider when moving from one region to another. Therefore, you should choose a company that has a valid insurance cover. If your belongings get damaged or lost, you will get compensation.

Conclusively, it is advisable to choose an affordable mover that offers high-quality services in your region. If you consider these tips, you will get an awesome moving experience to your new home.

Top 4 Tips for Hiring a Reliable Moving Company

Moving can be a time-consuming, expensive, and extremely stressful process, which is why many of us would rather hire a moving company. Professional movers can help make the process smother, easier, faster, less expensive, and even stress-free. But things can take a turn for the worse if you make the wrong choices. As such, you need to hire a reliable moving company, one that will not cut corners in hopes of saving time or money. Although finding a reputable mover is not as easy as it may sound, the payoff can be worthwhile. The following tips and considerations can help you choose a reliable service.

1. Use a local mover

Engaging a company that’s based in your area makes it harder for you to be tricked into doing business with unscrupulous movers, especially those that operate solely over the internet. Visiting a company’s office before you hire the service is also a great idea, particularly because you can get a sense of how the mover conducts business. Additionally, checking out the moving equipment makes it easier to determine whether the company is the right fit for your needs.

2. Get referrals

Browsing a phone book or searching the Internet for a reliable moving company can prove challenging. Getting referrals, on the other hand, might be easier and a lot more effective. Ask your friends, coworkers and family members for recommendations. If this group recommends the services offered by several different moving companies, pick the ones provided by those who have completed a similar project and the most trustworthy individuals. If you are working with real estate professionals, asking them for a referral is another good idea.

3. Get estimates

Getting three or more written estimates is advisable as long as they are all in-home estimates. Sending a representative to assess the job is the only way your moving company will provide accurate estimates. Be wary of moving companies that offers estimates online or over the phone. Such companies rarely take the time to scope out the job. An unusually low estimate might be a sign of scam, so treat such estimates with suspicion. Make sure the final bid comes with a full, written estimate. Final estimates must include all of the parameters discussed earlier.

4. Be wary of large deposit requirements

If a professional mover asks for a deposit, the amount should be less than 20 percent of the total cost of moving. In fact, top-rated Edmonton movers will not ask you to make any payment until they deliver your belongings. If you have to pay a deposit, putting the payment on a credit card might be the best solution since you can contest the charge in case of wrongdoing. In an attempt to make you to pay more, some movers will hold your possessions hostage. In such a case, reaching out to the police might be the best course of action.

Why Toronto is Troubled By More Housing Facilities Being Generated Than in Demand?

People in Toronto find it difficult to get houses. As simple and sarcastic as it may sound, that is the truth. The discussion here is not about the availability of houses (which up until recently, it was), rather, it is about whether the properties available are affordable or not.

Till a few days ago, whiny industrialists everywhere were cribbing about the wide gap in supply and demand and how the government needs to formulate better policies to help stimulate real estate growth. But ever since the revelations in the recent census data have come to light, one thing is abundantly clear. It is not about the supply. Not at all.

For the census data released piece-wise translates into the fact that there is no shortage. Instead, new houses built exceeded the generic demand by almost 30,000 units over the specified period. So, the product was there. Which begs the question, what went wrong? Some of this disparity between required and available housing is definitely due to the construction plummet during the recent economic stagnation. But there are other prominent reasons as well.

At the root of it, there are two things:

  • Due to increasing population and population density, there is a scarcity of land to build new properties on. Even more so, if the demand for stand-alone units soars high. And it does. Everyone wants to have their own piece of paradise with surrounding greenery. But Toronto being one of the major metropolitan centers in Canada, makes it almost impossible to carve out a piece of dirt anywhere below the million dollar mark.
  • The speculation is the worst factor. Unrealistic drive in price rise has raised the cost of owning a property to such an extent that a major demographic sector just can’t think of buying their own turf. There is an overflow of these so-called, young adults, living with their parents who are at the edge of becoming home-owners if only the price tags were a bit more accommodating.

What next?

Now, the market should eventually come back to balance. But if the speculation game goes on as it is, prices are going to continuously skyrocket without any chance of a pent up. Add to that, the declining percentage of single stand-alone housing and there seems to be trouble ahead for sure. The city is facing a shortage of acreage to build the properties on and it is proving very hard to find a solution to it. Only realtors like Real Estate Agent Toronto can help to ease it up a bit.

Therefore, if the prices were to drop a bit, many of those from the young adult section would love to get out and have a place of their own. But for that, there is a need for some semblance of structured control and discipline on the part of those who must restrain their imagination from propelling prices even further up. This will definitely help to provide an opportunity to those millennials and working professionals who till now, are under pressure to defer starting a family and delaying ownership due to this real estate price boom. After all, the city was the destination for young couples and families in the past, even if the situation has been less than desirable for some time now.

Young people are the ideal demographic and are the prime factors for boosting growth. Realtors would definitely want to dip their fingers in this cash flow if they adjust their financial ratings just a little bit. Therefore, policies needed to help maximize this profitable segment must be formulated at the earliest so as to open the floodgates and let the reaping begin.

Why You Should Consider Hardwood Flooring

For good reasons, hardwood floors remain one of the most sought options. Aside from its durability and natural beauty, the installation of wood flooring is not as complicated as the other solutions. As a result, a do-it-yourself installation is possible if you are handy with tools and not afraid to get your hands dirty. Here are some of the reasons why hardwood flooring is one of the best choices.

Aesthetic value
Aside from the fact that it is a natural product and part of our everyday lives, wood comes in a variety of beautiful colors and grain patterns. As a result, there are enough choices to satisfy almost every unique taste and need. The natural and appealing beauty of wood will certainly add value to a home.

Wood flooring goes anywhere
As a flooring material, wood offers an unmatched level of versatility. While solid hardwood is an excellent choice for kitchens, offices, dens, and main living areas, engineered hardwood is more water-resistant and can, therefore, be used in basements and bathrooms.

Hardwood floors wear well
As a durable flooring option, hardwood is strong enough to handle heavy foot traffic, particularly if the load is not too heavy. Hardwood floors can look as good as new after many years of use, especially with routine cleanings and proper maintenance services such as the application of a high-quality sealer and protective coat.

A hardwood floor is easy to clean and maintain
For general cleaning and maintenance, you only need to sweep and mop using a slightly damp mop. Always use gentle wood cleaning products to spot clean your hardwood floor and a vacuum cleaning machine that features a wood floor setting or one with no beater bar to vacuum clean your hardwood floor. Apart from needing fewer chemicals, cleaning your wood floor will take less time than any other type of floor since most of them require vacuuming, scrubbing, or shampooing. Unlike tiles, wood does not grow mold in the grout. It also does not trap fumes and dust particles like carpets.

Refinishing is a possibility
You can refinish a solid hardwood floor 5-7 times before it needs replacing, which means it can last for more than 70 years. You can also refinish many engineered wood floors at least once. In comparison, the overall cost of a hardwood floor over a period of 50 years is significantly less than that of the other flooring options, most of which need replacing every 3-10 years.

Hardwood floors do not harbor allergens
Hardwood floors are not as tough on people with allergies or asthma as other flooring options because they don’t trap dander, dust and any other allergen that might make breathing difficult. Since you can easily clean a hardwood floor using a slightly damp mop, you can remove allergens quickly and on a regular basis.

4 Tips To Get The Best Hardwood Floors In The Block

If you are opting for a new house, you may be deliberating on what kind of flooring to splurge on. You may be telling yourself that hardwood flooring is beautiful, but so hard to clean! Unlike rugs or carpets, there is no way to hide the dirt or absorb the grease. The maintenance is just too high!

Well, not anymore. Here are the best ways to keep your hardwood flooring as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Develop a Routine

No matter what you tell yourself, yes, the hardwood floor does need work. But the aesthetic is well worth it. A few minutes each day is all you need to make your floor, and in consequence your home, shine. Sweep and dust daily. Use a mop or a microfiber pad to trap the dirt in the cloth instead of allowing it to get trapped in the seams and edges. If you keep the dirt from accumulating you significantly reduce the chance of scratches.

Use a PH neutral cleaner

Acidic agents easily dissolves mineral deposits but does not work on grease and grime. On the other hand, alkaline cleaners are terrible for the floor as it dulls the finish. A neutral cleaner is your safest bet. Wood wash is a cleaning agent that has been specially formulated for treating hardwood floors. It is cheap, safe to use and gets your floor clean in no time.

Use a damp mop

Another PH neutral agent is of course, water. You can combine it with a mop to dissolve the dirt and grime that has accumulated. Dip your mop into a bucket of water, rinse it out completely and use the barely wet mop to sweep your floor. This is guaranteed to get all the hard to get at bits of dirt out.

Wax to get rid of scratches

It is inevitable that your floor will get scratches on it. You just need to accept it and prepare accordingly. Waxing is very easy nowadays with plenty of water based waxes available in the market for convenient use. Simply apply it on your floor and let it dry. You’ll soon have the original shine you see in commercials.

So don’t worry about how to keep it nice. Splurge on that floor and make that beautiful dream come true.