Four Extra Services Your Movers Can Provide

Preparing for moving day can take weeks of effort, and the culmination of your efforts is when you load the truck and drive to your new home. By the time moving day arrives, you can easily already be exhausted and stressed. However, the relocation project is only halfway over on moving day. After all, you still need to unpack and get settled after you unload the truck. Hiring movers is an excellent way to reduce your stress and exhaustion related to you move. Many movers offer additional services that you can request for further benefit before, during and after moving day.

1. Packing and Unpacking

Upon request, some moving companies will pack and unpack your entire home. You may also request them to pack up a specific room, such as the kitchen. Any help that you can get to prepare for moving day and to get settled into your new home can streamline the process. Remember that moving professionals may work more efficiently than you would because of their experience with this task.

2. Appliance Disconnection

Many of your appliances may come with you to your new home, such as your fridge, washer and dryer. Disconnecting and reconnecting these appliances sounds straightforward. However, it can be a hassle in many cases, and it takes extra time, tools and knowledge that you may not have available.

3. Furniture Disassembly and Assembly

Some of your furniture may need to be disassembled in order to get it out the door and onto the truck. Many people do not take this step to prepare for a relocation because they overlook it as a preparatory step. However, the Edmonton movers will not reassemble your furniture in your new home unless you ask for it, and they will charge you for disassembling it before loading the truck.

4. Storage

Storage units are commonly used during the relocation process. After all, everyone needs extra space from time to time, and this need can increase while relocating. For example, your new home may not have space for all of your Christmas decor, so you will need to store these items off-site. Smaller moving companies may transport your items to a storage unit that you rent. Larger moving companies may have their own storage facility that they can place your items in.

While hiring movers to assist with packing and unpacking the truck is one of the most common steps people take when they seek help with a relocation, a moving company can provide you with assistance with many stages of your relocation experience. Because not all moving companies offer all of these extra services, search for a moving company that offers these services if you believe that they would benefit you during your relocation.

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