Four Tips to Prepare for Your Movers

If you are preparing to relocate near or far soon, you may have already researched reputable movers in your area and made an appointment for service on your moving day. The right team of moving professionals can easily save you a considerable amount of time and energy while also reducing your stress level on moving day. However, your overall experience with a moving team is aligned with the preparatory steps you take before moving day. These are among the best tips to follow as you prepare for your movers.

1. Pack Thoroughly

Some moving companies offer professional packing services, but most people only hire movers to load and unload the truck. With this in mind, if you want your moving team to work as efficiently as possible, everything needs to be packed before they arrive. It is common for people to leave miscellaneous items out on counters or in cabinets, but this will slow down the process. The day before you move, ensure that everything is packed in boxes except for the essentials that you plan to pack into your overnight bag and your bedding. You likely need to plan on eating out the day before you move so that you can fully pack your kitchen.

2. Take Furniture Apart

Many types of furnishings must be disassembled in different ways before they can get out the door and onto the truck. For example, the legs of a dining table may need to be removed. If your moving team must stop and do this work for various types of furnishings throughout your house, you can see that this would add hours onto the experience. If you are paying by the hour or if you simply want moving day to be executed without delay, it is important to prepare your furnishing so that they can simply be hauled out the door.

3. Disconnect Appliances

Some appliances, such as the fridge, may need to remain plugged in until moving day. Many other appliances, such as a microwave, a washer and a dryer, can be disconnected a day or two beforehand. The more work that you do up-front, the faster your moving process will go.

4. Load Your Car

If you intend to drive your car to your new home while the moving team drives the truck, you have the ability to load your car with a few items. Many people will use this space to transport pets and kids to the new home, but you also should pack your essentials in your car. Remember that your new home will likely not be set up and ready to live comfortably in for another day or two. Your essentials should include your bedding, a couple of towels, personal hygiene items and a few sets of clothing. This will let you feel more comfortable while you get your new home put together.

Proper preparation for your Edmonton movers‘ arrival is essential if you want to get the most out of the service that they provide. As moving day approaches, keep these tips in mind.

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