Top 4 tips for Hiring a Professional Moving Company

Moving can be an exciting, but stressful time. Make it easier for yourself by hiring professional Edmonton movers to ease the stress and frustration of packing and moving all your belongings. Hiring the wrong company can create a moving horror story. Follow these four tips to ensure your moving experience is that much less stressful.

1. Multiple estimates

Get estimates from at least two different companies. Compare the quotes and services that they offer to each other to hire the company that is the one you’re looking for. Look into their reviews online to see if any other customers have left reviews for their services. Customer feedback is the best way to gauge if you’re hiring a company that is worth your money.

2. Get all charges on paper

Don’t get surprised at the end of the process by surprise fees and expenses that drive up your overall costs. Read the contract thoroughly and ask questions if there is anything that is confusing or not what you thought it was going to be. Once you sign the contract you’re agreeing to abide by it. Don’t sign anything that you haven’t completely read from start to finish.

3. Delivery date

Adhere to your delivery date because companies charge for the time needed to store belongings. This charge accumulates quickly for every day your stuff is in their possession. It’s best if you can get the items delivered to your home the same day that they arrive to eliminate this fee completely. Larger items, such as larger furniture or a piano, may include an additional charge due to the bulk. You might have to rent a storage unit if you can’t get your belongings into your new home in a timely manner.

4. Inventory

Examine your belongings once they arrive at your destination. Check that everything is there and ensure that the items you do have aren’t broken or damaged. It might not be possible to examine every single box, but go through a quick look over and verify that the items on your main inventory list are present. You’ll want to inform the movers that something is broken or missing as soon as possible when the move is fresh on their minds.

Make your moving experience as easy as possible. Utilize professional movers so you can give your full attention to other things such as changing your address, switching schools, or deciding how to position the furniture in your new home. The key to a positive experience is to hire the right moving company so you don’t end up sharing your moving horror story at your next family gathering.

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